Caribbean Amber

Treasures have been found in the Caribbean. One of them is the organic gem stone AMBER, in young and old versions. “Caribbean amber” is basically Amber from the Caribbean.


Some tell you that “Caribbean Amber”, was found on an “undisclosed small Caribbean island…” This pirate story sounds romantic, but the fact is…


Caribbean Map


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Amber and Copal

Much confusion you will find on the market about what amber really is and how it should be labeled.


But to state that Colombian or other copal is “amber imitation” is pure nonsense, as it is just tree resin of younger age, which has not yet undergone some mythical transformation that is never described.


It’s almost like saying that a teenager is an imitation of a human.


Fact is…


Caribbean Amber Copal Burner

Aztec Copal Burner

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